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As you’ll see from my resume, I’ve worn many different hats. As a versatile copywriter, I’ve sailed the marketing gamut. From conceptualizing creative advertising ideas elevating client products and services to the next level, to writing rich and engaging copy for social media, e-blasts, public relations, web, video and print production – you name it, I’ve done it.

Other World Computing - Senior Advertising Copywriter I Product Evangelist

Engineered engaging advertising copies for a myriad of technical products and services based on integrated marketing strategies for Apple-centric firm. Led the development of rich and persuasive textual content for websites, blog, marketing slicks, boxes, press releases, print and digital advertorials.

2001 - 2014
Applied Materials - Technical Product Support Manager

Led 5-member cross-functional team managing the Technical Product Support group of a $2 billion business unit in the Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) division for Taiwan and Japan. Held full product support responsibilities that included technical writing, creating procedures and presentation decks, customer support, optimizing marketing mix, budgeting, training, cultivating innovation, along with strategic and resource planning.

Creative Dilemma - Advertising Copywriter

Conceptualized clever advertising ideas and created stimulating copy surrounding the promotion of products and services for one of the largest Fortune 100 companies. Used an integrated marketing approach that maximizes the use of mobile, social, and video to help companies reach target markets.

BC 22 Group - Advertising Copywriter I Marketing Specialist
2007 - 2012

Constructed enticing advertising copies accurately describing real-estate properties on the market. Assisted with marketing endeavors pertaining to advertising placement, pricing, promotions, public relations, including ROI forecasting and risks assessment.

TV Jeebies - Advertising Copywriter
2004 - 2006

Cultivated creative advertising concepts capable of translating the truths about products and services for television ad agency. Produced exciting and captivating copies while using a variety of marketing channels to deliver the intended messages of clients to target markets worldwide.


2009 - 2012

University of Phoenix - B.S. in Business / Marketing - GPA 3.9

​Acquired the requisite knowledge, skills, and values to effectively apply various business principles and tools in an organizational setting. Bridged the gap between theory and practical application pertaining to areas such as critical thinking and decision-making, business law, management, accounting, finance, organizational behavior, concept development, and technology. Gained valuable insight and applied lessons-learned relating to integrated marketing communications, copywriting, marketing mix, advertising, public relations, market research, globalization, identifying consumer behavior and trends, along with marketing management.

1997 - 2000​

Heald Institute of Technology - A.A.S. in Electronics / Networking - GPA 4.0

​Integrated LANs, WANs, MANs, client/server, and peer-to-peer networks. Gained skills pertaining to various networking topologies, along with troubleshooting various computer networking problems. Worked with oscilloscopes, function-generators, power supplies, digital multi-meters, and circuit boards. Acquired knowledge on creating and reading schematics, flowcharts, along with efficiently troubleshooting numerous electrical issues. Developed knowledge in programming with C, C++, HTML, and became a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP).

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